Losing name of Points

Good afternoon !

I’m just using Kurviger Tourer with the option to put a name on a point.
After saving the tour and import it again the names got lost.
What’s to do to avoid this as I’ll work on this tour from one day on ther other and will set up with the status I had before ?


Since the .kurviger format preserves everything, I assume that the saving was done via .gpx format. To preserve the names, the two checkmarks must be set in the export panel:

If a waypoint was set by address search, the result appears in the name field of the waypoint list. But this is not the name! With the .gpx export the waypoint is just numbered (waypoint x). So always name all relevant waypoints manually, because even the smallest shift (“set waypoint to road”) will make the search result disappear.

Export .kurviger: Namenstest.kurviger (39.4 KB)
Export .gpx (with checkmarks): Namenstest (1).gpx (574.5 KB)
Export .gpx (without checkmarks): Namenstest (2).gpx (574.5 KB)