Location indicator never stops moving

I have planned routes into the app. When I start navigation, it says, “Let’s ride,” and then the icon indicating my position starts moving immediately, but never reflects where I actually am. It is on some kind of auto-pilot and just never stops.

I took a ride the other day, and it missed my turn-off, instead having me go completely in the wrong direction. I doesn’t seem to track my position by my actual GPS position. It was utterly useless for my trip. I ended up having to use Google Maps for accurate information.

Hi @soujrnr,

Might it be, you have switched on the “Simulate Navigation” option?

It may be switched on and off either in

Settings / Navigation settings

or when you pull up the menu in

Start Navigation


I had checked that previously, and it was off. However, now that I look at it again, it is showing ON again. I turned it off and I will be doing a test run tomorrow to see if that fixes that issue. I also need to figure out why it totally missed my turn-off on a recent ride. I’ll be putting that route back in after I resolve this constant movement issue and see if that is still there.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I did my test of the program today with the “Simulate” option off. I verified it again before riding to make sure it didn’t somehow get enabled. The navigation worked properly except that it seemed to lag behind me on my route. I had passed a number of turns before the program caught up with me and told me to turn after I had already passed my turns. It’s as if the location accuracy is off by about 100 feet or so.

Thanks for the feedback.

Just to clarify, we are putting the user location at the tip of the arrow, not in the middle of the arrow. Maybe this leads this difference? A small difference between real world and device is certainly possible, we are woking on improving that further.

One more thing that you can try is to switch the location provider in the navigation settings between Google and Android. While Google usually works best, for some people Android works better.