Loading route from Cloud does not work for a certain route


when I try to load a certain route from my “Cloud” it is NOT loaded/shown on the map after clicking “Load route”. Instead, the load button just disappears.

Loading a route in a different folder of my Cloud works properly.

What might cause the issue?

Are there waypoints shown in the left panel, if you switch to “plan”?

Nope - there is nothing in the panel…
This is what it looks like after “Load route” > “Plan”:

To me it seems as the route’s content was somehow deleted, because it now also says “0 m” and “0 min” in the cloud panel!??

Is there a way to somehow restore the original contents?
Because I - unfortunately - did not store/export the route to my PC, because I was relying on the cloud functionality (my bad, I know)…

I am sorry to hear that. I double checked this route in the database. It appears that an empty route is what is stored in the database. I have found an edge case that could lead to this result and already deployed a fix to the website, so this should not happen again in the future (please reload the website to apply this fix).

If you want to, I can restore your previous route (but I saw that you are replanning this route already)?

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Thanks for looking into this!
And good to hear that you found (and fixed) an issue related to that behaviour…

No thanks, meanwhile there’s no need to restore the previous route, because - as you already said - I recreated the route again already to check whether I missed something or not.

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