Load route / load other route

he Kurviger app is actually a good app. Unfortunately, the user concept is awkward at one point or another. For example, if I have loaded a route but would rather load another route, I have to close the Kurviger app, then I am asked whether I want to load the last route or not. I answer the question with no. Then I have an empty area again. Why is there no button to clear the workspace ? I don’t understand why there isn’t. It would make everything much easier.


of course you can delete the workspace.

Delete route/overlay (the red line)


are you sure ? i tried it, then the route was not only gone in the workspace, but also gone in the saved routes

This function does not delete a saved route

I don’t think you have explored all the available options.
As Hobbyfahrer comments, this option is available and deletes the route that you currently have on the screen.

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