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L93 in Harz mountains gets fixed

Quick news item, I can’t believe I am alive to see this…
This road was so insanely bad, you would not believe it. It wasn’t a dirt road, it was much much worse, cause it “wanted” to be a paved road. It shook you like crazy and surprised you with pot holes the depth of a mine shaft. But every motorcycle driver went there cause it looks so good on the map (Kurviger likes to use it as well). Finally they’re repairing it!

Keep in mind the L240 is currently closed because of stone avalanches as well, so you’ll have to make a BIG detour if you want to go to the eastern Harz

By any chance, did you have a look if these are tagged in OSM? If not we should update the data so it can be shown on Kurviger :slight_smile:

L240 is, L93 isn’t yet. Can’t tell where exactly the closure starts and ends sadly :frowning: do you see a better source or have access to mz.de? Is L94 closed as well?

Well if you know which road it is and between which cities the closure is, I think it would be good enough to add this as a conditional restriction and add a fixme for someone to double check where exactly the closure starts.