L76 "potentiell gesperrt" ist FALSCH

L76 From or to Binzenbach is shown in the planning as “potentially peded” and taken accordingly from the planning if you want to drive it (L76). I have been driving this road for over 15 years and have experienced the L76 still locked. Please change this error or the status of the road!

Well - it doesn’t look quite so free:

This is of course just a joke …

The reason kurviger doesn’t use the L76 is the specification of motorvehicles=destination … although there is no corresponding traffic sign. Perhaps someone lives on the L76 who wants to have his peace.



Kurviger ist nicht für die OSM Daten verantwortlich.

Wenn du Fehler findest, ändere es gerne selbst bei OSM und unterstütze damit das Projekt.