Kurviger route transfer iphone to tom tom 550

Hey there, im new to this forum. I am just so frustrated with my iphone and tomtom. I tried everything to get the routes from the kurviger app on my iphone to my tomtom via bluetooth and nothing worked.
I bought it only for that feature because it comes in handy when your not at home and want to transfer a route on the go.
So my question, is there any possibility to transfer from iphone to tomtom?

Hi and welcome.
I have no TomTom, but on support page they advice to update all devices, remove the blueooth connection (option forget), restart and couple as if it would be the first time.

Another option could be if you search for “Iphone USB OTG”. Seems it could be a solution to transfer files, about 10 € on ebay for this adapter. Perhaps worth a try.

If you search for “550” here in the forum you get a lot of hints:

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