Kurviger PRO OHNE google auf Android

Leider wird ein Google Play Konto für den Kauf der App benötigt, siehe auch unsere FAQ hier.

das ist sehr schade.

Robin vielleicht könnt ihr mal schauen ob ihr die app auch im Amazon-Store und/oder im Bixby Store betreiben wollt. Das wird vielleicht die Privatsphäre-Schutz-Sucher nicht unbedingt viel glücklicher machen, aber zumindest ein paar Leute sicher freuen.
Und es ist recht einfach dort zu releasen, so wie ich das hier auf arbeit sehe


There are no plans currently for other stores. Usually each one has its own (incompatible) requirements and often not worth the effort and the resources.

Ja, ich würde es sofort kaufen, wenn es irgendwie anders ginge :wink:

Noch jemand eine Idee?

vielen Dank vorab.

Es gibt keine anderen (legalen) Ideen. Solange die Entwickler da nicht umstellen ist das Fakt

Auch ich bedauere es sehr, dass die Kurviger PRO App ohne Google Account nicht erhältlich ist. Es wäre sehr wünschenswert wenn die Entwickler diese Haltung nochmals überdenken würden.

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Whoever does not like Google Play, please propose alternatives to see all options.

It should be obvious that our own store is not something trivial for various reasons!


Hi @devemux86 that’s fair enough. I dont’t know the internals of kurviger but I imagine that you could buy a license code for authentication instead of authentication via the Google Account. So simplest way could be a download link but a better way could be your own f-droid repository. That shouldn’t be that hard. So people could add the kurviger f-droid repo. The repo software is free software but the tagesschau app for example is not free software but nevertheless has an f-droid repo. Maybe the implementation of such an alternative could be funded by some donations. It seems that the effort for that should be manageable. Thanks a lot for the kurviger app, it would be fantastic to have an alternative to Google.

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F-Droid is about Free and Open Source (FOSS) software on Android.
Kurviger does not qualify there. :slightly_smiling_face:

And for security and other reasons we cannot support apk downloads.

Alternative could be Amazon, but depends on maintenance resources.

Well F-Droid itself is Open Source and they only add free software to their repos but you can of course host your own repo, that is usable with the f-droid app.
See here:

https://service.tagesschau.de/app/repo/ This app is not foss!!!
At least for me Amazon is not an alternative, but maybe for others.
What are the problems with direct downloads?
There is a nice foss app that informs you when a new spotify app (not foss) is available and downloads the app for you.
So I think it should be possible to find a way. :wink:

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Any comments on this @devemux86?

I think there’s only a minority of people who’re using their smartphone without a Google account and therefore don’t have access to Google Play Store. So I think it’s quite understandable that any efforts to offer an additional alternative distribution method aren’t worthwhile. We should keep in mind that we’re talking about a developer team with only two people and about an app with a price of 10€.

And like devemux86 already mentioned: if you want to ensure that it’s save, easy to access (for customers to buy and the Kurviger-team to manage), supports a comfortable way of keeping your app up to date this is not a trivial issue.

And hand on heart: an Android smartphone without a Google account is likely to be limited in a lot of aspects.

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Putting more perspective here, Robin handles the website and I develop the app. So available resources are more like 1+1. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please note, we mentioned above that F-Droid is not an option for us right now. One reason is the build system of F-Droid which AFAIK enforces builds to run by F-Droid and be build locally.

Sorry, but as I pointed out above this is not true. I also gave an example. The tagesschau app is not built by F-Droid and completely hosted by tagesschau.de. You can host your app and just provide a link to your own repo. This repo can then be added in the F-Droid app as external resource and has nothing to do with the F-Droid server that hosts foss apps.

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Ah you are right, I first thought that F-Droid would still need to build the apk. It seems like the external repos allow to build the apks externally. Assuming this could work, then there is still the issue with app payment. Currently Google Play handles the sales. Sure, there are ways to do this, but nothing trivial. So this would be limited to the free app for now.

Free app has Google Ads and more could be provided in the future.

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I can see that handling the sales only with Google Play is easier. I don’t know how this is implemented in detail. One could think about a modular implementation where Google Play is registered as one authentication/sales provider and something else as another. Maybe we would find people who make donations to fund this. I would definitively support it.

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