Kurviger Pro internet does not work

But… I remember users that changed their rating after they got help via the forum.

Support of Kurviger is excellent.
IMHO that alone deserves a 5-star rating.
Quote from my post 2 years ago:

I have never experienced a software with such good support.
(not quite true, but then it costed >1000€ per year!).

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Making irrational assumptions again…

To reinstall Kurviger 1, see the documentation:

Note: Google Play is managed by Google, they are responsible for how their store works.

We have several 1 star reviews because Google Play makes it difficult to reinstall old apps.

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So, now I changed my rating to 5 Stars. I don’t looking for dispute.
I only wanted to use this App as I did before…

The video shows the installation of Kurviger 2 and an old screenshot of Kurviger 1.

The reproduction example should be for Kurviger 1 (based on the report).

To reinstall Kurviger 1, see the documentation:

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Läuft es jetzt?

So now I could to reinstall the Pro Version with your Help.
I went to “Verwalten” and have found the Pro App in the list.
So now I could make a Video with my Problem.
I don’t know how I can describe the Error more detailed…
Please see the video with Internet Error:


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Ne… Hab nur geändert, damit ich Hilfe bekomme :slight_smile:
Weil ich merke, dass man mir sonst unterstellt, dass ich böse Absichten habe
und jemanden nur schaden will und sonst Stress suche.

Ich habe das Problem schon seit mehreren Monaten und hab mich nur diese
Woche überwunden mich hier anzumelden und versuchen das Problem zu
lösen, weil ich bald eine große Tour machen möchte und die App dafür gern verwenden will.

And the exact same thing with Kurviger 2 (green icon) is working?
Or have you deleted that already?

Note: you can have both installed at the same time.

Yes, it works (Kurviger Try version), it makes a route and shows me, where I am and follows me.

Thanks for the video.

It seems - in your device / network - Kurviger 1 can not find internet?
This has nothing to do with navigation, as the first post implied.

I cannot reproduce the report, here Kurviger 1 internet works properly.
(as in thousands of other users worldwide)

Hmm, in your video there is “AdGuard” running in the background.
Could that be blocking Kurviger internet access?


That’s why the Kurviger 2 video didn’t show ads.

As also mentioned in the manual:

“By using blocker apps, Android / Google services and other apps (e.g. Kurviger) may be affected!
You use blocker apps at your own risk!”

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Well, I read everything… So, no solution…
I also made a route on PC with kurviger.de
The Try-App works well, the Pro-App has the same old problem.
I tried WiFi (at work place) and Mobile Internet. I also tried some days before my WiFi at home.
May be I can get the older one versions of Pro-App to download, to try?
May be the last Version makes problems? So we can see :slight_smile:
Please see the new Video with both Apps, how they work:


Yes yes yes!!! :smiley: :+1: :+1: :+1:
I killed this Guard App and it looks like it work well.
Thank you. :blush: :innocent:
The Problem solved. Will try to ride with it after work.
Nice day to eveyone, participated this feed :sunglasses:


@linux-user very good eyes, you found the solution! :slightly_smiling_face:

This proves that the forum is the ideal place for problem solving.
(we have excellent members)


Bitte um Entschuldigung, dass/falls ich mit meiner Art bei jemandem negative Emotionen ausgelöst habe. :innocent:

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Erstmal sind die anderen Schuld.Schade
Gruss Rolf


But at least there is an apology. He is thus aware that his tone was not entirely polite and perhaps next time he will ask a little more kindly.

Moin !
Bei mir und meinem Navi funktioniert Kurviger Pro auch nicht mehr, es ist das gleiche Problem wie oben beschrieben. Habe auch den BRouter zusätzlich installiert, damit ich bei Umleitungen etc. eine Alternativroute angezeigt bekomme aber es funktioniert nicht. Bin sehr unzufrieden.

Das obige Problem war ja, dass eine Werbeblocker-App auf dem Smatphone installiert war.
Schau mal, ob das bei Dir auch der Fall ist!

Wenn nicht, machst Du am besten ein neues Thema auf.
Wenn Dir hier jemand helfen soll müsstest Du schon etwas genauer bescheiben was im Detail nicht funktioniert.

The above problem was that an ad blocker app was installed on the smatphone.
Check if this is also the case with you!

If not, it’s best to open a new topic.
If you want someone to help you here, you would have to describe in more detail what is not working.

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