Kurviger Logo made by myself - Can I leave it or should I remove it

Hi Kurviger Team,
today I bought a new belly pan and cut your logo out, because I have the complete equipment here.
It’s only for myself and I don’t sell it.
Because of the discussions here… I’m not shure to leave it as is. I’m in advertisement business, I can make it exact as I like.
It’s free for Kurviger and could make you proud, to have such fans.
Thanks for the great software an I share my experiences with others.
Best regards.


Thanks a lot for sharing this :+1:. Looks really nice on your bike :slight_smile:.

Thanks for asking, if you are only using it for yourself, I think this should not be a problem :+1:

THX Robin,
neither make a copy(perhaps, when this is broken), nor will I sell it.
Keep up the good work.
Tonight I plan our next Route from Pfullingen to Schauinsland, then to Freiburg, France Route du Crètes, and back to Pfullingen. In between Bugatti, Molsheim.
These are possibly the last “Best Weather Days”.


Thanks for the support. Enjoy your trip and the remaining days of warm weather :slight_smile: