Kurviger does not make what I type/create

although I entered highway, the route goes up and down from the highway (red and blue circles). With the green circle, kurviger leaves the highway entirely, even though I entered highway.
What am I doing wrong?

Since the highway is subject to tolls, the first step should be to set the avoidance strength of the toll from 5 to 1. This already prevents the small loops.

For the green circle, only the turn to the right was allowed in the OSM (map material for Kurviger). I have changed this. Until the changes in Kurviger is taken over, it may take 2-3 days.

@linux-user can you check my changes please :wink:

It’s just the “avoid toll” button - nothing else …

You are on the highway partly because you set waypoint 6 and 7 there.
I’ve created your environment and you may play with it: https://kurv.gr/d9g4Z


Thank you very much :+1: