Kurviger does not check my real position / navigation starts

Hi, after using today first time the new Kurviger I gad issues wirh the app. I did create a route and after starting navigation it always headed towards my real position. It seems that the app was not realising my real position. While waiting at a traffic light the kurviger Navigation was always continuing forward, like I was driving similar to the route, which was not the case. Not helpfull when I receive the advise to turn un x meters to the right or left although I am still far away from that position. Whats wrong here ?

Sounds Like Simulation was one. Check your Navigation settings.


Indeed, checked yesterday evening and it seems working properly now, thanks.

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My Kürviger app does not works. That mains no correct navigation. Route planning. O.k… When I start the route ,the cursor begins while I am standing still and is allways going.
That means that I did not arrived at my address without using google maps.
Is this a failor in the app or my failor.
P.S. i am using the tourer kürviger app

Please make sure you have the navigation simulation disabled. This is a setting in the “navigation settings”.

I had the same, not sure why at all a simulation mode can be choosen, but you need to switch it off and after all is fine.

Indede it was not enabled. Now it is. Next tour I hope to see the progress. Thanks already.

Just as hint. I think it is extremely useful and I check this nearly every time.

When you start the navigation and pull the drawer you see some often used settings and a shortcut to the settings menu.


Samsung s22 ultra, kurviger app used to be functional.
Last few rides it has become worse than worthless, its dangerous.

The issue is the App has seemingly lost its dang mind and has adopted a ghost-rider = true mode.

I input a destination, select a degree of curvyness, hit the arrow button in lower right and corner, app says “lets ride”.

And from that point onward, me and my bikes location is completely ignored, app icon takes off, goes down the street and makes announcements of turns and completely ignores where me and my bike are at.

right now I am sitting in my living room composing this post, yet the dang app with its gps turn by turn navigation thinks Im 10 miles away deep into the route and continues to advance the arrow down the map and continues bark out bizzare instructions for someone who hasn’t left the house yet. If I get on my motor cycle right now and try to drive the route I will hear in my ear directions that have nothing to do with my current location/situation, If I listen to this app not only will it not take me to where I"m going it will likely try to send me the wrong direction of a one way street because it has no idea where I am actually located when it tells me to turn right in xx meters. to my mind this is worse than useless it is down right dangerous.

how do I restore turn by turn directions based upon my actual GPS coordinates.

how did I get into this bizzre state?

yes simulation mode was indeed set true. thank you for solving this issue.

I am curious, what purpose does a real time simulation serve?
Who is going to sit in a chair for 3 hours and watch a slowly moving arrow and listen to a real time turn by turn instructions? I could imagine some finding a benefit of a quick walk thru a ride - something along the lines of every turn being real time with all the segments between turns played out at 50x rate thus making a 3 hour ride reviewable in just a few minutes. of turns. But three hours sitting in a chair staring at a screen as we wait the 30 minuts to reach the next turn? how is that useful.

We plan on hiding this feature better in the future, so that it is not enabled by accident. This feature helps with testing the app and ruling out issues with the app.

mir ist so etwas auch schon passiert,
vielleicht wäre ein kleiner Hinweisbutton auf der Karte bei eingeschalteter Simulation hilfreich.


Ich bin heute auch in meinem Umfeld angesprochen worden. War auch Fall der Simulation. Ich vermute es häuft sich gerade, weil auch mehr User nun Kurviger verwenden. Hier im Forum meldet es ja nur, wer sich “Forum traut”.

Hinweis fände ich sehr gut um es den Anwendern einfacher zu machen.

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