Kurviger - BMW Navigator VI - A problem?

As I trial run I asked Kurviger to create me a route from St Omer (France) to Bouillon (Belgium) which it duly did.

I downloaded the route onto my Mac and into BaseCamp, all without any problems. I then, using BaseCamp’s standard shaping tool, amended the route very slightly, just to miss out a couple of small roads and to include a lunch stop in Chimay, the town center of which Kurviger had routed me past. All very straight forward. Happy with the route, I sent it to my Nav VI, where it loaded and displayed perfectly.

On leaving St Omer I ran the route, which went fine until I suddenly noticed that the route froze, the magenta line vanished and then reappeared again. It all looked OK, until I spotted that the mileage to destination and estimated final destination times had both rocketed. What were previously say an mileage estimation of 130 miles had become 280, whilst the arrival time had gone from 16:30 to 20:30. Obviously something has suddenly gone very awry.

I zoomed the map out, where I could see my route displayed, just as it should be with its lots of little blue dot shaping points and the correct start point (St Omer) and end point (Bouillon). But for some inexplicable reason the route now had extra magenta loops in it, all joined to the proper route but with no blue shaping points in them. This explained the sudden jump in mileage and time.

I stopped the route and restarted it again. All was well, until it happened again. And again… and again… In the end I just gave up restarting, so I just rode along zooming the map in and out out to follow the blue dotted magenta line, ignoring other magenta lines that now span off it.

The device is working perfectly well otherwise. This I ensured to be true as I ran several other ‘non-Kurviger created’ routes over the two days without the slightest problem. Something about running the Kurviger route is causing the Navigator VI device to crash and then to recalculate the route, adding in lots of additional chunks in the process.

I think I am pretty good at Garmin GPS devices and can understand / fix most glitches on the move without too much panic. However, I cannot understand why this problem is happening. My only guess is that a Kurviger created route - even one that’s been amended and recalculated in BaseCamp - brings with it other ‘stuff’ that confuses the Nav VI’s operating systems somehow, causing a crash and a bizarre recalculation each time each time it crashes.

Anyone with any ideas?



Device: BMW branded Nav VI, in otherwise good working order, fully functional

Software version 5.5

GPS firmware 6.50.01

Mapset: CN Europe (north and south) 2019.20 both functioning perfectly

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Mhm, that sounds really unexpected, once you recalculate the route in BaseCamp, there shouldn’t be much left from Kurviger.

Is this something reproducible with other Kurviger routes or has this been a one-time occurence, with only this route?

How do you export a route from Kurviger? We offer a Garmin specific export. Do you just use the GPX track?

Something that would be interesting as well: if you plan the same route completely in BaseCamp and ride it, does the issue happen as well? Is recalculation enabled in your BMW Navigator?

Have you tried to restart the device?

If this was a one-time issue, I would expect that this was either a hiccup of the Navigator that lead to a one-time issue and might have been solvable with a restart of the device or that there is an issue in the map-data at one point along the route. If this is something reproducible with Kurviger only, we definitely have to double check everything :slight_smile:.