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Kurviger Blog

We are happy to announce that we are launching the Kurviger Blog. You will find interesting route reports, tips for your travels, information about Kurviger, and much more on the Kurviger Blog. We will add new articles regularly, so make sure to check back :slight_smile:.

Wir freuen uns euch den Kurviger Blog vorzustellen. Im Kurviger Blog findet ihr spannende Tourenberichte und Reiseberichte, Reisetipps, Informationen zu Kurviger und vieles mehr. Den Blog findet ihr hier. Wir werden regelmäßig neue Artikel hinzufügen, schaut also mal immer mal wieder vorbei :slight_smile:.


Just read the articles in your new Kurviger blog. Great idea and fun to read! :+1:t3:

I really hope that you and the community will keep this blog as vivid and interesting as this forum. And of course I hope that this blog can be another promising step to increase Kurviger’s popularity. In my opinion it’s really a shame that the download numbers of other apps (like Calimoto) are so much higher - although they’re inferior in almost every aspect!

I’d really like to see that Kurviger will get a well known and broadly used navigation solution for bikers (and of course other “curve enthusiasts” like roadster drivers).


Seeing blog content so far, all these articles would fit more inside the forum, which is the recommended meeting place for community and allows also discussion for all subjects without fragmentation of news.

I think the blog is Robin’s initiative to open an additional channel to make Kurviger more known. So it’s more sort of an “appetizer” or “door opener” whereas this forum is the “source of knowledge” if someone’s already deeper into “Kurviger’s world”.

In my opinion it makes sense to make use of all approaches which could help to increase the prominence. The blog is more about articles (not discussions) and entertainment to draw more atttention on Kurviger’s website and app. The forum is more about technical questions and answers discussed within a community to help making Kurviger better and better.

Why not use different ways?


There are overlapping regions, like with Nice Routes - Reports and Recommendations category, where is much more usable to learn about new routes and ask / discuss with the author for more details.

That’s right. Somehow redundant, but …

… I interpreted the “we” in the sentence above that this blog was a collective idea. Maybe you should revise that with Robin to find the best way to publish these kind of articles.

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The forum is for mostly unmoderated user generated content. The blog contains moderated editorial content. The two are clearly separated and should not be mixed.

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Maybe it would be an idea to have a new topic “Kurviger blog” in the “community” category. Every time a new blog article is published it could be linked there. Then the forum community would be abe to get noticed of new blog content and to discuss it if this might be desired.


Yes, that’s one of the things that we are currently considering :slight_smile:.

I wholeheartedly agree. But I think that doesn’t speak against having the blog, instead it speaks for removing the route reports from the forum maybe. In combination with what SchlesiM said, adding a fake category that links to the blog, I think the separation would be quite ok

The category is still for route reports. Everyone is more than welcome to post their routes and experiences on the road there :slight_smile:.

That’s the difference between marketing and engineering :rofl: