Kurviger berechnet nicht die einfachsten Routen und bricht immer ab

Diese Routenberechnung scheint sehr lange zu dauern. Du kannst versuchen das Problem zu lösen indem du deine Wegpunkte verschiebst, Wegpunkte zwischen deinen aktuellen Wegpunkten platzierst oder deine Routingeinstellungen änderst.

Please provide the route link so that everyone can reproduce the report.


It works now, I restarted and locked in again Thanks

Well still have an issue:

There was a similar issue with Livorno when using the Search-List:

Perhaps this helps to solve your problem.

Hi Kokomiko, this route is incredibly long, so the algorithm has a looot of work to do to find all the possible alternatives and evaluate them.

  • If you want to go from A to B as fast as possible (your profile in that link is set to “fastest”) we recommend that you use Google Maps or any other “standard navigation” because that is what they are made for. Kurviger is best for actually finding curves :slight_smile:
  • If you want to find a nice route from Germany to central Italy I recommend that you split your route, for example here at the Lago Maggiore, which is a very nice biker destination! Kurviger The calculation still takes very long, but at least it’s doable :smiley:

I don’t think that’s the problem here, since a shorter link works just fine


If splitting is not an option, you could also place a few shaping points this will also massively speed up the calculation.