Kurviger 2.0.14

Thanks for your quick answer. So I can upgrade to Kurviger 2 without paying again? By the way, I love Kurviger ;o)

I’m actually surprised that you held out this long. I have been donating a few times, but I guess this was more of an exception and I understand that you need a proper income to continue working. Plus, 10 bucks a year is really not too much to ask for.

One thing that I don’t understand: Is the “Touring” option on the website and the Pro mode of the app the same? I don’t quite see how I can connect these two.

Kurviger Tourer offers additional features on the website. Kurviger Pro offers additional features for the Android App. Also see our documentation here: Does Kurviger Tourer include the Android App? [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

No, Kurviger Pro still receives updates. If you would like to use the new features, you would have to purchase the Kurviger 2 subscription.

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EN: In the Kurviger Documentation there is a page with an overview from Kurviger Website and Apps Kurviger 1.x and 2.x. There you see the features available for free of cost and have to pay.


Sometimes it’s helpful to look in the Kurviger documentaton pages, not only in the forum :slightly_smiling_face:.

DE: In der Kurviger Dokumentation gibt es eine Seite mit einem Überblick zu der Kurviger Webseite und Apps Kurviger 1.x und 2.x. Dort siehst du die verfügbaren kostenlosen und kostenpflichtigen Features.


Manchmal ist es hilfreich, die Seiten der Kurviger Dokumentation zu lesen, nicht nur das Forum :slightly_smiling_face:.

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OK, get it. You watched how Windows did it. I have to pay the full amount for the new version although I already payed for version 1. You don’t give me the option to pay a small amount for an upgrade to version 2. Look, I don’t mind paying for a good product, but this is a rip off. Goodbye guys! Count me out.

Google Play does not provide such facilities.

Do they sell or service your vehicles anywhere for free?
Why do you expect people to maintain the app for free?

As mentioned above, you can keep using Kurviger 1 Pro.
It will be maintained, so that it runs on the new Androids.

If you do not like the extremely low price of €9.99,
you need to check how much the other apps cost:

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Ah, okay, so I would need to pay both. Any chance for some kind of bundle for both? Or is that not possible technically?

I am seriously baffled by this. How much did you pay for Kurviger 1 Pro? 5 Bucks? And how long ago was that? It’s insane what kind of support people expect for this kind of money.


I have already payed and I don’t mind paying for extra services. But I DO mind to have to pay the full price only for some extras. Why don’t you have this option?

I have a service contract for my water boiler/heater. If something is wrong, I only pay for the parts he has to replace. If nothing is wrong, I pay for my “subscription”, nice deal for the dealer. If my dealer would charge me the full price for the service AND for the parts AND for the subscription everytime, I would tell him to go and make love to himself.

Because the Google Play store does not offer this as far as I know. It’s the same with tons of other apps.

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It’s the principle. What’s next?

Anyone who likes free software can:

  • Use a free Linux distribution on computer

  • Use the free Google Maps app on Android
    Google is a huge company and pays a lot of developers to maintain Google Maps.

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You are obviously missing my point. Make Kurviger 2 available to subscribers to Kurviger 1 for a price that acknowledges the fact that they have already payed for their subscription. That’s how you treat customers.

Hello, I love Kurviger.
I have bought the Kurviger Pro app in the store and I also bought the tourer abo on your homepage.

Is it possible to connect the tourer abo with the Kurviger 2.0 app?

Greetings from Germany

Hallo, ich habe auch die Pro Version gekauft und bin eigentlich kein Fan von ABO-Modellen.

Auf der anderen Seite ist man als Anwender natürlich auch daran interessiert, dass ein Produkt, dass man gerne nutzt weiter entwickelt wird. Und bisher wurde die Kurviger App ja auch gut weiter entwickelt, im Sinne seiner User und nicht wie bei Calimoto um möglichst Hip zu erscheinen, egal was die Anwender eigentlich benötigen. Nur mal so als Vergleich, wenn ich bei Calimoto eine Navigation beende, muss ich gefühlt 10mal klicken um auf die Karte zurück zu kommen, weil soviel abfragen kommen bzgl. teilen auf Facebook etc.
Auch bei meiner Lieblings App für Rad und Wandertouren (Locus MAP) wurde inzwischen ein ABO Modell eingeführt, weil anders die Kosten für die Entwicklung nicht mehr leistbar sind. Dort hat man allerdings den Leuten, die die Pro Version gekauft haben, die ABO Kosten fürs erste Jahr erlassen. Wäre vielleicht was auch für die Kurviger APP?

In der Hoffnung, dass mit dem ABO auch die Entwicklung eines Offline Routings in der APP direkt möglich sind, werde ich natürlich auch das ABO für die 2.0 abschließen. Ich muss sagen, dass 10,-- EUR im Jahr jetzt wirklich mehr als OK für ein so gutes Produkt sind.

In dem Sinne macht weiter so. Meine Unterstützung habt Ihr.

Google Translation:
Hello, I also bought the Pro version and am actually not a fan of subscription models.

On the other hand, as a user, you are of course also interested in further developing a product that you like to use. And so far the Kurviger app has been further developed in the interests of its users and not, as with Calimoto, to appear as hip as possible, regardless of what the users actually need. Just as a comparison, when I finish a navigation at Calimoto, I feel like I have to click 10 times to get back on the map, because there are so many inquiries about sharing on Facebook etc.
A subscription model has also been introduced for my favorite app for cycling and hiking tours (Locus MAP), because otherwise the costs for development are no longer affordable. There, however, the people who bought the Pro Version were waived the subscription costs for the first year. Maybe something would also be for the Kurviger APP?

In the hope that with the subscription it is also possible to develop offline routing directly in the APP, I will of course also conclude the subscription for 2.0. I have to say that 10 EUR a year is really more than OK for such a good product.

In that sense keep it up. You have my support.


Google Play does not provide such facilities.

And for such a low price it does not make sense to constantly ask about it.


No, the 2 platforms are independent with their own separate stores.

It probably maintains its own separate store.

Google Play does not provide such facilities.

Kurviger app works exclusively on the Google Play Store.
Purchases are private, we do not know who purchased Kurviger.

So I have to buy two abos? One for the app and the other one for planing routes on the homepage?

Just to make it clearly understandable.