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Kurviger 1.2

Kurviger 1.2 is on Google Play:

- Navigation: off route zoom level (Pro)

You can now select the desired zoom level also for when being away from route.
Works in both dynamic and fixed modes of auto zoom in navigation.

- Navigation: add altitude display (Pro)

There is the option to add the location altitude in navigation panels, updated in real time like the speed.

- Geocoding: integration of what3words

You can do forward search to convert 3 word addresses to map positions, via the known Search dialog or if click w3w links.

And can do reverse convert of map positions (via long press) to 3 word addresses, which are copied automatically to clipboard.

- Export: export Garmin ShapingPoint GPX format

There is support for the Garmin ShapingPoint GPX available in export formats.

- Export: remember name of imported file

When import a route file, the following exports remember and propose its name as exported file.

- Export: file overwrite warning

If export a route with a file name that exists, there is a visible warning for possible overwrite, allowing for a rename beforehand.

- Routing: place waypoints on street
- Routing: show whole route

1st action works like in website, snapping the waypoints on the route.
2nd action shows whole route with scroll / zoom the map accordingly.

You’ll find them in the new Actions menu or if long press on route.

- Routing: clear overlay and/or routing

The Clear dialog was enriched, so can select if want to remove the overlays (e.g. GPX) and/or the whole routing from the map.

- Map: zoom with volume keys

You can use the device’s volume keys for zoom the map, available as option in Settings.

We’re looking forward for your feedback about the new version and we wish you a nice Kurviger experience! :motorcycle: :racing_car:


Ha, first! My first time first :grin:

Guys this update sounds amazing. Thank you so much for w3w integration!

Edit: Ok I played around with it for a bit, following thoughts:

  • The “Clear” option should move to the new Actions menu, it’s definitely an action and would clear up the menu even more (which is so so important, the actions menu is a great first step in the right direction, was hoping for this for a long time!)
  • The “clear overlay” should only be shown if there is an overlay, otherwise skip the selection dialog, one more thing to do, one more thing to confuse beginners, one more piece of clutter in the UX
  • The “Route” option in the “Routing” menu should be renamed to “Turn instructions” or something, it clashes a bit with the new “show whole route”, could be confusing what is what for beginners

Please avoid editing your posts after some time ~10’.
There are no notifications for edits, so we miss them.
If want to post new information, can make new posts.

Actually it’s useful to have a confirmation dialog in Clear for all users, in order to avoid clearing accidentally a long time prepared route. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is not what I said. I just said skip the selection. Whether you want to show a confirmation dialog after that is still up to you


concerning the confirmation dialog there might be a misunderstandig:
As far as I remember there was a confirmation dialog already in previous version (and that is very useful to prevent undesired clearing of previous “work” !!!) - only the checkboxes for clearing route / overlay are new.

So the number of clicks to delete everything is still the same (= 2).

I think, the idea is to hide (or to disable?) the concerning checkboxes, if there is no route / no overlay. But the dialog can not be skipped - otherwise pressing clear would lead to clearing without additional confirmation.

Thus disabling a checkbox will not influence the number of needed clicks, but nevertheless it might help, because it gives additional information to the user (shows if a route / an overlay exists).

From my point of view disabling the checkboxes would give only a small benefit - but perhaps it takes low effort too.

I appreciate the possibility to clear only route or only overlay - please do not remove that nice feature again.

Thanks and regards


Hi again,

due to my vacation (motorcycle trip) in a few days I had some doubts if I should update kurviger such a short time before, but due to several very interesting topics in the change list and positive experiences in the past (I never had problems with kurviger updates) I decided to do so - that was a good descision!

I only see improvements - good job done (by kurviger developers)!

Nevertheless I want to propose a small change in the handling of the export name proposal:
If I import a route XYZ, in next export the name proposal is XYZ, that’s fine. If I change the name during export, i.e. XYZ_v00, this name change should be remembered and be the proposal for the next export ( as long as I do not import an other route).

This is the usual behaviour of nearly each program I know: Opening a file and selecting “Save as…” later proposes the name of the opened file. If I change the name, save and do a further “Save as …” later, the changed name will be proposed.

Thanks a lot with best regards



Thanks :slight_smile:. We usually do at least one test ride before releasing a version, to make sure everything works as expected and nothing breaks due to an update.

And many test rides in Navigation simulator all around the world everyday! :vertical_traffic_light: :checkered_flag:

Congratulations: your app is getting better and better with every new version! I really love those recent improvements. Especially the fact that it’s possible to configure Kurviger for my personal needs and preferences. :+1:

The new action menu is a good approach for all those “special” functions, which don’t fit perfectly to any other menu or would otherwise clutter the map view with additional buttons. Maybe a good place for a forced rerouting if being off the route (additional to the “tap on the symbol”, like alredy mentioned in another post).

Remembering the filename and overwrite warning is really (!) useful. And being able to use the volume buttons for zooming comes handy if you want to get a quick overview while wearing gloves. This are the details which make an app useful and comfortable.

I think the next important step and final “break thought” to establish Kurviger as the top tool of all competitors would be the support of offline routing (I already had some situations in which I deeply missed that and was forced to temporarily switch to another app while being on tour). :wink:


100% agree

Thanks for the feedback!
Will be implemented in next version. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the interesting ideas!

“Clear” as a common action needs usually to be more directly accessible?

“Turn instructions” seems nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

What do other users think about these suggestions?

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from my point of view importing a GPX only as overlay should have no influence on the name proposal in the next export.
But currently the name of the overlay GPX is the proposal for the next export.

Reason: I opened a .kurviger file as route, modified the route and opened a recorded track file as overlay to compare route and recorded track.
The result was ok, so I selected export to save the route. The name proposal was the name of the track file, but usually (>95%) I want to save the route with a name similar to the previous route file.



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Also since the app allows multiple imports simultaneously as overlays, the routing option should define the name.

Before it gets lost:
THANK YOU for the great update of Kurviger!!! :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:


Kurviger 1.2.1 is on Google Play:

- Geocoding: what3words search with auto suggest

Search what3words is more intelligent with auto suggest multiple results and corrections for typing / spelling errors.

And don’t miss @Uli_LH’s very nice introduction about what3words in Kurviger!

Also there are improvements in Export naming as discussed above (here and here).

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Hm, true, I just feel that cleaning up the menu has higher priority. Can’t say exactly why, but it still feels a bit over-crowded there. Menu simplification is my second greatest wish for Kurviger after user accounts :smiley:

I actually think that the clear action has to be very accessible, I use this a lot and think many others as well, if you think different, maybe you want to open a new thread where we can discuss this in detail and also collect opinions from others :slight_smile:

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