K3 is canceled when starting navigation (simulation)

I created this route when gambling around (not very useful, but might be interesting for developers nevertheless):

When starting navigation in simulation mode, K3 is canceled.
I have sent error feedback also, but do not know which information is transferred to developers…

That’s funny. I loaded your route and startet simulation mode also. K3 immediately stoped working.

Then I created an own route and started again. No error. It must have something to do with this specific route.

Edit: I think it’s because of your first Point. There is no route possible. That’s killing the Simulation. But you are right, it shouldn’t.

Regards, Nico

Thanks for the report, will add this to our list, I have some ideas what might be wrong here. Could even be a Simulation only issue.

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So this is a simulation only error, I will keep this on our todo list, but simulation is not really high priority for us and this only happens with simulation active.

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Turns out this was due to the “0m route” between start and first waypoint. The simulation engine has a bug and does not like that. It’s fixed in the next release :slight_smile:


Markus if you see this problem again with the simulation engine please send me the route that causes it :slight_smile:

Hi, I am not sure, I thought I checked it with newer version and bug was gone - but usually in that case I write a short comment (can not find any).

I just rechecked: Simulation of the route linked above works fine with current version.

Usually I do not place 2 wypoints so close together, so I just reported it because it might give a hint to an issue which might cause problems also in other situations.
But - of course - if I see such or similar behaviour again I will report.