K3 Beta: Navigation screen too basic

I miss a lot of things on the navigation screen:

  • Zoom + and - buttons
  • The volume icon to be able to mute it for me is left over.
  • Being able to zoom with the volume keys.
  • Compass, and by clicking on it you can choose: no rotation, 2D movement direction, 3D movement direction, route summary.
  • The information header says the name of the next move to make, and the street where we will go. A 3rd line with the name and distance to the next waypoint would be appropriate.
  • The information text of the information header is gigantic, can you choose the size and define color and/or transparency?
  • All the information we have in K2: altitude, speed, time, battery % that could be turned on/off.

Sorry if this has already been asked before… but since everything seems to be written in German now I may have missed it.


Thanks for letting us know.

Essentially the current navigation screen is a placeholder for what is to come :slight_smile:. You can see a list of things we plan to do here.

I think the size right now corresponds to your Android settings. Is it possible that you have set a larger font size in your settings?

I also think that the information in the header takes up too much space!
Especially when used in landscape format:

And I did (also) not change any font/size settings from the default factory settings.

Yes, the current navigation UI is just a placeholder, we will redesign the the navigation experience.

I only mentioned the font-size because in the screenshot from @ramondevic, I had the feeling that the font appeared larger then usual, but comparing to your screenshot, I am not sure anymore :slight_smile:.

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It looks similar on mine too.

We should really talk more in english.


It is true that I have a large font on Android.
But notice that in the address the first line is much larger than the second and the same happens in the footer.


It may be so, but reading navigation - especially on a motorcycle - are such specific conditions that font size settings should be independent of the system.

We all have different eyes, different fingers, different bikes and use different roads in different conditions. The ability to adjust the size of individual interface elements was one of the great advantages of the old Kurviger.


The start is ok, but I hope there will be some improvements concerning the driving experience. The auto zoom out factor is too big for me. With a motorcycle I normally don’t want to see the route 100 km far away from me (except when I manually zoom out), but the next 3 curves exactly as the course of the curve is, not straightened in any way and the route width broad enough to recognize the course without glasses. Is this somehow on the agenda?

What I mean:
not like this

or like this

But like this

or like this

or even bigger like this

it could be nice to sometimes (not in a curvy area, only when driving on a straight road) have the big zoom out for some seconds (3-5 sec), but then automatically switch back to the defined zoom range (and this needs to be customizable like in the old Kurveriger app)


Thanks for letting us know. Yes, the whole navigation experience will be reworked, this includes also a better auto zoom behaviour.

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After testing the new app:

1.- This is the opinion of someone who did not know the previous Kurviger:

  • Very little space for navigation.
  • The additional information is a lot, little necessary and takes up too much space.
  • The look of the navigation is little different and tends to look like many other apps.

2.- This is the opinion of someone in love with the original Kurviger:

  • Where is the simple and effective view with information that is easy to see and understand at a glance?
  • The roundabout exit number is easy and quick to understand.
  • The distance to the next junction is quick and easy to see.
  • Remaining distance, remaining time and current speed are very easy to see and hardly take up space.
  • AND THE BEST thing for me is what helps by showing the layout in areas with many curves. I have not seen that in any application and therefore Kurviger was unbeatable.

Now all that is in the past.
I do not lose hope, although I must admit that the disappointment grows day by day.
Thank you for all the effort you are making.


Thanks for your feedback, I have moved your post to one of the discussions about navigation. Please note, the current navigation screen will be completely reworked.


I agree. Sadly enough. K3 looks nice, very web site alike. But I’m not convinced this is what we want. We’re on a smartphone, not a pc. This is a difficult topic. Let’s hope we find the best of both worlds. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


During routing there is no information about the max speed and all sort of information.
Within the last app i could see all the data during the route.
Also the layout is not very handy. The previous app was definitly better for handling.

I dont now how everybody else thinks about this.

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Device: samsung - SM-A515F - Android: 13 - WebView: 108.0.5359.128
App-Version: 3.0.2 - 351

I’ve tried the K3 version very little but I don’t find it working and I’m sticking with the K2 for now.

So I use Kurviger-web which is perfect for planning and Kurviger K2 which is perfect for navigation.

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We are still working on completely reworking the navigation experience. We are planning on showing you a first version in the coming weeks.


There are many of us who wish that Kurviger 2 was still alive.
I can’t find any app that can replace it.
I have tried Cruiser and although it is similar, it is not satisfactory.
I have tried Osmand and to be able to handle it you need at least an astronaut course and it doesn’t look like it either.
Kurviger is unique but as long as she doesn’t lose her essence.

With emotion I hope and wish that kurviger 3 returns to the path of its predecessor.

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try using K2 app for planning. Wonderful. Hope to see the same for K3 app

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