K3 Beta Automatic order of sharping points, change of sharping point order


At the web interface to automatically order of additional sharping points works well.
If I do the same in the APP the order will not be made useful.


First and second sharping point added like the number shows. Order is not useful.

If I’d like do modify the order, it would be useful just to slide the two lines instead to kick and additionally use the arrows.
Or what’s your idea behind the make it different than the web interface?


Be patient. Kurviger3 is still beta.
The developers are aware of that.
I am sure, that will come in the future. :wink:

detailed list with things that don’t work as expected yet .


I know, I just like to mention potential improvements.

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Thanks for the hint, there was indeed a minor issue, this will be resolved with the next update :slight_smile:.

Drag&Drop is still on our todo list :slight_smile:.