Just wanted to say thanks!

I placed this comment in the Route Planning thread because of what I did with the program, but first I wanted to give you all a HUGE thank you for this great app! I use it on my phone constantly. Some things took a little playing with to figure out how to use efficiently, but I think I have those issues sorted out.

I also just wanted you to know that I’ve put together a list of 85 (so far) great rides here in northeastern Tennessee in the United States where I live. I have used Kurviger to map out almost 30 of those so far, so my wife and I are able to just hop on our motorcycle and pick a route. The routes I’ve mapped range from short 20-mile trips to some trips that are several hundred miles requiring a day or two to ride. I love how I can change so many features while I do the routing on my computer, and I especially like how those now go to the cloud and are immediately available on my phone app!!

I know you get a hugely disproportionate number of posts about issues people have compared to posts just thanking you for the app, so I wanted to let you know that I am very, very pleased with the app, and I look forward to seeing what you will bring out in the future!! No complaints here!!

Best wishes to all and warm regards from Tennessee!!



have a safe journey at all times ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind feedback. We wish you and your wife a lot of great rides with Kurviger

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