Just english announcement while routing

A friend of mine has installed the Kurviger Pro App, but gets only English announcements when routing, while in my case it works perfectly in German.
Both App settings are identical (system default).
Any idea?

Ein Freund von mir hat die Kurviger Pro App installiert, bekommt aber beim Routing nur englische Ansagen, während es bei mir einwandfrei in deutsch funktioniert.
Beide App-Einstellungen sind identisch (System Default).
Irgendeine Idee?

When have app language to System default in Settings | Application | Language, then the app uses (if supported) the device system language.

So probably has English system language in the device?

If want German, can either change device system language (keeping System default) or simply change app language in application settings.

Sorry - I forgot to mention that German is the system language and other Apps (e. g. TomTom) communicate in German.
And we tried ofcourse the direct selection of German in Kurviger Pro - doesn’t work …

Probably need to update Google Text-to-Speech in the device and see if the required language is properly installed and work in the voice tests.

We checked that - all is properly defined and works. Really strange …

We got it!
The text-to-speech-definition specified “Samsung Sprachausgabe” instead of “Google Sprachausgabe” - now everything is fine!
Sorry for taking your time and thanks for your support.

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Normally should work with Samsung TTS too, doesn’t it support German?

Very nice it worked and we’re always here to help! :slightly_smiling_face: