Japanese Maps showing Chinese

Hi. I live in Japan, and I notice when I’m designing routes on the site, the Liberty map has place names in Chinese in the roman alphabet (sorry, I don’t know which Chinese), whereas the OSM has them in Japanese kanji.

I mention this because when I export to a gpx track to put on my phone to use with the OSMAnd+ app, the TTS says road names as Chinese. The choice of map doesn’t seem to affect the gpx export much. Is this correct?

I’ve been asking on the app support Telegram but there doesn’t seem to be a reason for it in the app, or at least we’ve eliminated suggestions.

Setup: Android phone running in English, OSMAnd+.

Thanks for bringing this up.

Which OSM map did you compare liberty to? Kurviger OSM? Are the names of Kurviger OSM correct?

This is correct, map choice does not influence the routing.

If you export a GPX track, the track should not contain any road names. So in this case it is very likely that OSMAnd stores the Chinese names as well?

To explain a bit more, we use OSM data, here is one city for example. Not sure how your sample data looks like, maybe you can share more info on that?

Open Street Map FAU

So this is a Liberty based map, and the Chinese in roman letters.

… and here is the same area from Open Street Map FAU, with the Japanese on it.

This would explain the situation. I went through:

  • all my app settings in OSMAnd to make sure I only had Japanese and English installed
  • tried with both OSM FAUand Liberty selected (and checked the .gpx in a text editor) - same result.

OSM as base maps are the only things in common between the two. I wonder then if in OSMAnd I need to find what map code/tag it’s using - the image appears in Japanese, but it is speaking them via TTS in Chinese. Thanks; I’ll do some more digging.

I have updated Kurviger Liberty to also show the Japanese text. It can take a few days until this is visible in all places :+1: