iOS Beta - Autozoom enhancements


I’m new to Kurviger and I’m using the iOS beta app. I like it so far, but I’m not so happy with the auto zoom.

My smartphone is usually in landscape mode on the bike. I often have the problem of not being able to see the next turn cleanly because it’s zoomed too far into the map. Sometimes the display of the turn-off only appears 20-50m beforehand. This is particularly bad if there are several roads that you can turn into. I think it would be a good idea to change the autozoom so that you zoom out from about 300m before the turn-off so that you can see at least the route to the turn-off + a little further.

I think this works quite well when navigating with Google Maps :wink: Just for inspiration.

I’m looking forward to hearing the opinions of other iOS users and the development team!

Thank you and greetings!

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Yes I 100% agree thanks for creating this topic. The autozoom as it is right now feels a bit weird as it indeed sometimes zooms in way. too far, especially in landscape, we are already looking at improving this :slight_smile:.

I‘m new here, and also currently testing the iOS beta app.

I just wanted +1 this, because this mechanic is literally the only negative thing I noticed on my first two longer trips with the app.

What I found most annoying was that auto-zoom frequently “overrules” manual zoom. I repeatedly had the same issue the OP described (even missed a couple of turns because of it), and also repeatedly zoomed out manually whenever that happened. But the app would always zoom back automatically soon after.

Maybe an interim fix, until you have a better solution for auto-zoom, would be to just switch this logic and always have manual settings take precedence over auto?

There is a setting for this already in the navigation settings that way the app does not recenter automatically anymore. (the default is 20s)

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Hey robin,

thank you for the reply! That would be awesome, if it got improved. Do you have an approximate schedule for when you want to do this?

Greetings :v:

A first improvement is planned for the next App release 3.3.2 :slight_smile: