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Invitation badge not given

Hey all, did anybody try to invite other users recently and also did not receive the “Promoter” badge?

Invitation accepted

but →

Only one single person (Robin) seems to have it

Do you collect badges? :woozy_face: :rofl:

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Absolutely yes. At least the ones that make sense (not gonna force myself to open the forum 100 days in a row just for that badge :smiley: )
I love gamification in stuff like this.
Also: I had a friend who actually uses Kurviger so the invite totally made sense :wink: Not inviting a bot account or anything. So I want my reward :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea to be honest. We use the default settings from Discourse (the forum software). Maybe the badge was removed or there is a bug in the forum software?

uhm ok it was granted now, only 2 days delay… :smiley:
what an exclusive club

I’m actually super jealous of your “respected” badge, hope I’m not too far away from that one