Invalid File Size

Hello ,
i started 5 days ago with Kurviger App . I installed the Pro Version. I wanted to use Offline Maps… So i downloaded the German Map . I don’t know why …But the download started again after the download was complete. Finally when i made my first trip the app downloaded the map again … after some hours i recognized that my download Volume for the month has reached the end …

Afterwards i tried to download the map at home again… the map is in my folder … when i try to use the map i get the Information : file size infalid

I am using Android with Opera Browser.

Can you help me ???
Thanks in advance…

Greetings mm

The map was not downloaded correctly / fully, so it’s an invalid file and cannot be used.

You can have a look in the FAQ or in forum here or here discussing the same situation.

AFAIK Opera is based on the open source part of Google Chrome (at least on Desktop), so probably the same issues like with Chrome appear.

Hello ,
Thank you for your support :hugs::hugs::hugs:… i thought it should work with opera … but it did not… so opera is although a browser you cant use with the app …
Now with firefox … everything fine .

Greetings mm

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