Installation on a new smartphone

Hello, i’ve changed my smartphone and now i’ll try to install kurviger pro, but i cannot pass the payment part. How can i do this, because i’ve payed before.

According to Google Play Help:

“You can use apps you bought on Google Play on any Android device without paying again. However, each device must have the same Google Account on it.”

There are also instructions for how to reinstall or find previously purchased or downloaded apps.

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Hello i use the same account. is it necessary to store a payment information at google store before i can use the download?
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Isn’t there the option to skip this step, usually there is a small button that’s easy to miss that allows to skip this step?

Additionally, you could try contacting the Google Play support. Note: even though we sell the Kurviger app through Google Play, we have very little control about Google Play and how the process works. If there is an issue with Google Play, we unfortunately have to direct you towards Google Play, because we cannot change anything there :frowning:

Simplest thing would be to check Google Play Help, for how to reinstall or find previously purchased or downloaded apps. They seem to describe pretty well the whole process.

Hello to all and thanks for your informations – I’ve found my mistake: two accounts at google, first attemp with the wrong brings the payment message. now al is fine.
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