Insert a waypoint in active route

I’m new to the forum, but not to Kurviger I’m using since 2020 (great app !).

I have following question, for which I couldn’t find an existing topic in the forum:

On the (Android) app, in the menu under Map - Map layers, I selected “Fuel stations”, which are shown correctly along the route. What I’d like to do when I’m running out of fuel is zoom down & select the next gas station close to my active route (but it could be a couple of km away from my route) and insert it in my route as the next waypoint.

Is that possible ?

Thanks for your help & support.

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Hi Galagoo,

not at the moment, you have to switch from navigation to planning mode, then the gas stations should be prompted and you can amend the existing route. There are already requests in place to change this behaviour and ease the route modification during navigation, but I am not aware of the progress.

Hi Hellsguenni,
Thanks for your answer. It’s probably me, but I don’t see what you mean by “switch from navigation to planning mode”.

So I stop the active route, and then ? Even with the active route stopped, I can’t select the fuel station on the map …

Just tab on the POI

OK, but nothing happens, I don’t get that crossed square around the station. Do you tap on the POI straight from the map, or do you have to enter a specific mode from the menu first ?

Yes, just a short tap on the gas station icon.

Are you sure, that you have stopped the navigation before trying to add the gas station?
Sample navigation mode:

stop navigation mode by tapping the 3 dot button lower right and stop navigation like this

Now you are in planning mode and gas stations as well as other selected POIs should be much better visible and even more important selectable

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First to mention that I’m running Kurviger Pro 1.14.28

Now I don’t have the same “option” on my display :

I’m navigating. I stop it by taping on the blue arrow

I then even clear the routing

But at no point taping the fuel station selects it.

Also I never have the planning menu in my app (I have it on my PC, but never seen in the app).

You don’t stop the navigation by just tapping the blue arrow. It’s only paused then. There has to be a long tap and a quit of the navigation by tapping the OK:

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ok, you are using K1 and we are talking about K3 :joy:

I just verified, in K1 it looks like no additional points can be added anymore - maybe this was changed lateron to push the users to go for cruiser or K3. But honestly I am not very familiar with K1, just tried to add another point by long tap on the map and nothing happens, indeed…

[edit] if you stop the navigation as described by zaphod_42, you can add way- or shaping points, so my previous statement was wrong [/edit]

Thanks to you guys. Once navigation is “really” stopped ( :+1: Zaphod), if I long-press around the gas station (the gas station itself is not selectable), I can add this place as a “via point” & resume navigation.
PS: I’m not aware of K1 & K3 & cruiser.