Importing GPX file containing Daimler XSD extensions fails as XSD is missing

I searched the forum but didn’t find an answer.

There are a lot of websites which allow you to download POIs as GPX files. Unfortunately, the GPX format they use includes an extra extension (tag gpxd) which is defined in a Daimler XSD schema file. That schema is not accessible (it looks like it got moved when Daimler restructured).

However, when you try to import these in both the website and the app, it fails with the “Unexpected file content when importing favorites” message. This, I suspect, is an XML parsing error. The XML parser is trying to read and use all of the XML tags, instead of ignoring tags for which the schema is missing.

Given that this appears to be a very common schema (I downloaded GPX files from several different websites, and they all used that schema and format), it would be nice to have an option to handle this. As the gpxd tag appears to contain descriptive data, I think it can usually be safely ignored.

For reference, I can safely import these into OSMAnd with no problem.

Here’s the link to the schema:

Information on Daimler AG Daimler_GPX_Extension_V2_7_4.xsd

Trying to download it gives you a couple of 301 redirects and takes you to an information page.

I’ve attached an example GPX file. You can download more from e.g. Pocket GPS World - SatNavs | GPS | Speed Cameras - FREE POI Download

And yes, obviously what I want to do is import a list of speed cameras from online databases. I know I can download them in a different format and convert them (e.g. using gpsbabel) into GPX files, but that’s an extra step.

Also, it would be nice to be able to import POI categories directly, instead of via favourites.

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BMW_MC_PGPSW.gpx (9.8 KB)

The reason this fails is not because of the xsd. The issue is that the GPX does not use the the default tags, but uses namespaced tags. I am not 100% sure if this is even allowed for regular gpx files. Several other GPX tools I used failed to import the data as well.

Is Pocket GPS World offering other GPX formats not specially made for BMW or Mercedes? Maybe like a vanilla GPX download?

This was the vanilla GPX download. It seems lots of these systems only spit out GPX in this format when you specify basic GPX (though why is a mystery).

Thanks for the explanation, by the way. I suppose I could write an XSL to strip the namespaces, but it’s still a workaround.

You can use a text editor to replace gpx: with an empty text. I can see if we can fix this in the future, I will add it to our list.

Thanks a lot for the response.