I have to choose language every time


I accepted all the cookies.
Every time I load Kurviger website, it appears in German. Every time, I choose English again.

Proposal: Store my language preference in a cookie, make it load already in my chosen language.


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The language is decided by the URL you enter in the browser.

So if you visit https://kurviger.de/en you will see the English version by default. Unfortunately, automatic redirects are not recommended. I can double check what is possible but right now, that’s unfortunately not possible.

I see, I will save that url then. Thanks for the answer.


Out of curiosity: not recommended by what or whom?

It makes a website not accessible to crawlers, like Google Bot.

Also, the same link should point to the same information, on different devices / locations.

That said there are ways to work around this and implement automatic forwarding, but this can break existing links etc.