How to transfer data from a phone to a new one / Pro app version 1.14.28

Hallo to everyone, I’m using the old Kurvigher Pro app verion 1.14.28
I have many tracks 25.000km of registred tracks on my phone and now I have to change my phone, how can I transfer all registred tracks on my new phone ?
The app doesn’t have a specific function to do that but maybe using a PC ?
Maybe it’s possible to transfer a database file from my old phone to the new one ?
Thanks for your help.

Hallo Andrea, in welcher Form sind die Tracks auf deinem alten Phone gespeichert? Handelt es sich um GPX-Dateien, die du in einem Ordner auf deinem Phone gespeichert hast? Sind es Kurviger-Routen oder aufgezeichnete GPS-Tracks?

Geht es darum, den Inhalt eines Ordners von deinem alten Phone auf das neue Phone zu kopieren/verschieben?

Hi Andrea, in what form are the tracks saved on your old phone? Are they GPX files that you have saved in a folder on your phone? Are they Kurviger routes or recorded GPS tracks?

Is it a matter of copying/moving the contents of a folder from your old phone to the new phone?

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You can also export under GPS recordings