How to save a route

Very interesting–some programs/apps have a style/design that my brain just can’t figure out. Weird.
My current problem:
On my Pixel 7, Android 14 I open a an email from my ride group containing a kurviger file (I can’t see an extension for the file. but it seems to load properly). Clicking on the file name in the email reader invokes the kurviger app and loads the route. Great so far.

But I see no way save this route to my account’s Cloud storage.

Any suggestions???

Thanks for the quick reply.
However, the route is currently loaded on the Android app. My goal is to save the route to the Cloud so I can: 1) review/edit it in the browser version, 2) load the app again later either in web browser, my Android Pixel 7, or other Android device.
This is where I am stumped.

My ancient programmer’s instinct suggests that there must be a way to save a route located on the app directly to the cloud.
Is this not the case?

The way is the same in the app.

Try as @Hobbyfahrer showed. It is always saved to the cloud. Save and it is available on your phone, on PC, second phone when you login with same account. Saving locally on the device or PC would be an “export” (from cloud).

Ok, starting from here

I can get to here
(can post image, see next post)

But I can find access to screen that Hobbyfahrer shows in post 5.
Plus, aside from the drop-down menu I can’t find, it appears that his app interface underneath the menu is also different. For example, I don’t have the 3 vertically aligned dots in the upper right corner.

apparently noob dopes are not permitted to post more than one image. VERBOTEN

I did find an alternate way to save. Using this screen

It appears to me our app versions differ. Don’t know.
Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Yes. You are correct with your second screenshot. Screenshot above is more or less from web-version :wink:
Saving is always to the cloud.