How to Download complete Countries

how can I download complete Countries to have it in store for offline navigation?

Hi NonKon, if you have a “Tourer Plus” subscription you can click on “Offline Maps” in the Menu and then click on all the tiles you need to have downloaded. You can select as many tiles as you like, even multiple countries. We introduced this system instead of downloading whole countries as it allows you to tailor your needs more specifically, save storage and update the map data more frequently / easily

I know about this possibility, thank you!

Can I somehow keep track about the downloaded offline map tiles? For planning a track offline, what is mandatory in many places which I come across without having a Simcard there, I have to know what tiles are loaded and which not.
Sorry, it’s not a complain! I just want to find out how useful the App is in planning and navigating routes offline what happens always when I leave Europe. Usually I do my planning with OSMand, it would be nice to have one app for all.

Please note, the route calculation requires an internet connection, see our docs here: Offline Maps Guide [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

You can load preplanned routes as .kurviger files without having an internet connection and start the navigation. If you downloaded the offline maps, you will be able to see the map. Otherwise you can try to follow the route line with now map (not recommended).