How to create routes that go offroad or on walkingpaths?

I have found Kurviger to be the only navigation application i can use to create detailed routes on both computer and android. The UI is very good and it just works.
But i have one issue that i would love to solve.

Sometimes my routes takes me a bit offroad or leads me into a walking path. All this is legal when this happens. But the app does not allow me to plot the route this way.

Is there something i can do in the app to allow the route to be drawn as i want it to be drawn?

Kurviger takes OSM (OpenStreetMap) as a basis for route calculation and if there the “path” is declared as not allowed for motor vehicles, for example, there is no route!

Now there are two possibilities:

  • adjust the OSM data and wait about two days until Kurviger has “inhaled” this adjustment or
  • bridge the “forbidden” route by beeline routing:

To the first point: please only change OSM if this change also corresponds to reality - is sometimes only really possible after driving the route.

To the second point an example:

Here 6 sections of a graveltour in Portugal have been connected by beeline, because I got the tour from a mountainbiker and can’t judge from a distance if an OSM change would be correct.

On the Navi (here an older version) it looks then like this:

It is only roughly navigated now, but you can follow the track, the red dotted line.

Unfortunately, due to the weather and lack of vacation days, we have not been able to verify this.