How do you get a refund?

I purchased the pro version because I wanted them by turn instructions, but the app fails to go even recognise where I am.
Utterly crap. How do I get a refund?

Haben Sie der App die Berechtigung für den Standort erteilt?

Have you granted the app permission for the location?

Hi Patricia, apps from the play store handle refunds inside the play store itself. If you missed the deadline you could always write a support email to Google, I’m sure they can help.

The developers here on this platform can’t actually do much for you, cause the “selling stuff” is really outsourced to Google.

But as luckytown already started: maybe we can help you out? Can you check that you have GPS enabled (in the status bar at the very top of your screen) and that kurviger has the permission for your location (in settings -> apps -> kurviger -> permissions)

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That’s definitely not normal.
You’ve read the instructions haven’t you?
What is happening, if you tap the location button (bottom right)?

Within my Tablet, I go to Settings/Applications/Kurviger.
Under the Permissions, section, it says;
“This app can access the following on your tablet”
Precise Location (GPS and Network based).

I am sharing a GPS via a Wifi Tether (this works great with Google Maps).
It seems to know where I am when I sitting at home.
I created a route on the website, exported it to the app using the code.
I then attempted to save the route into Bookmarks, by going to ‘Bookmarks/Add’ and giving it a name.
I can see the route on the screen.
When I click the ‘Navigate’ button, click Start, the Blue arrow appears on my start location, but when I start moving, it doesn’t track my location.
Not only that, when I attempt to recall that same route again by going to ‘Bookmarks/List/"name of the route I saved’ and then try to start Navigation, the application tells me that ‘there is no route’.
Whats the point of saving a route to Bookmarks if you cant recall it and use it later?

Navigation uses GPS which can work reliably outside with satellites and not inside buildings with Wi-Fi.

Can change location service in “Settings | Map | Location service” and use Google if that improves the situation inside buildings.

With bookmarks can save points of interests:

And save routes via menu “Routing | Export”:

What do you mean with that? Are you using an external GPS device?

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Meine Vermutung unter Standortmodus wird “Hohe Genauigkeit” eingestellt sein, womit GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth oder Mobilfunknetze verwendet werden.
Dadurch kann die Position auch in Gebäuden festgestellt werden, was aber mit “Nur Gerät” nicht funktioniert.

My guess under Location Mode will be “High Accuracy” set, using GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth or mobile networks.
This will also allow you to determine the position in buildings, which does not work with “Device only”.