Have tried it for a few weeks now, and found some rough edges

I’ve tried the Pro version for a few weeks now, and, while it works pretty good, there are some rough edges that could be polished.

  1. When getting off the track, it says “recalculating route” (or something to that effect), but it doesn’t really do it. I have recalculation enabled in settings. Sometimes, I need to clear the route and redo it, which isn’t fun to do by the road. This is especially annoying when it directs you to unusable roads (which I know isn’t the fault of the app), where it would be much easier if you just keep driving in some other direction and it finds a new route automatically, like most navs do.

  2. When planning a round trip, it doesn’t show which direction it goes in. In combination with the issue above, that means that if you start in the wrong direction, it thinks that you are almost home, and I can’t find a simple way to get it to just “go with it” or to restart the route once I go in the other direction.

  3. The “change direction” of route only seems to work once. It would be nice to be able to flip it back and forth as needed.

  4. When you import a route from link or code, it would be nice if it remembered the previous link/code, so that it’s easy to restore it if you have to clear it to get out of “it somehow got stuck in the wrong direction” or some other issue.

But, apart from these, it’s a really good riding companion.

  1. To understand your issue we need a route example and and more details.
    Where did you leave the route, and in what direction.
    Did you had internet connection where you left your route? Recalculation needs internet.
    If you want offline recalculation you need to install BRouter
    See: Offline Routing Guide [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

  2. Setting | Routing | Show route direction.
    Then you see arrows on the route.
    Apart from that, the numbers of the waypoints indicate the direction of the route too.

  3. Routing | Action | change direction
    You can change direction of the route as often as you want.
    Do you have Internet connection?

  4. You can save your route
    Routing | export
    Transfer a Route within Kurviger or Save it for Later Use [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

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  1. It was a fairly typical round trip, and it happened several times. First time was when I accidentally set off in the wrong direction. Second time when I made a wrong turn. Third time when I came to a closed road and had to find another way. Fourth time when the road was unusable (basically just a track in the forest, but that’s OpenStreetMap’s fault, not yours).
    I had internet connection all the time, I was listening to audio books stored on my home server all the time, and would have noticed within seconds if the connection went down…

  2. Thanks, I’ll check!

  3. For me, I could just reverse it. If I did it again, it didn’t change back to “non-reversed”. I had internet connection.

  4. Yest, but I find the link method a handy way of transferring it to the phone. Just showing the previous route link as default would make it very easy to reload it. I managed to do it from memory the first time, but the second time, I couldn’t remember the code.

Me too :wink:
But then, I usually save my route in the phone (as *.kurviger file).
So I have the route there and can import it again, if needed.

Sure, but it is an extra step, and it does require me to hook up the phone to the computer to transfer it.

Having a simple “just a few clicks” would be really nice when you are confused by the road side…

No need to hook up a computer.
You can export the route inside the app (and I would recommend to do so, if your route contains more than just start / end) so you can reuse your route at any time.

True, but still a bit of work, and at some point, you’ll need to clean up old files. Compared to providing a “last valued entered” default, it’s more awkward.