GPX truncated on import


I received a GPX from the ACL (Automobile Club Luxembourg).
If I import it into Gamrin explorer, it’s ok.
If I import it in Kurviger, the last part is truncated.
The file is here:
Filename is: 2024 ACL-Saisonstart Endform.gpx
Any help ? Thx

this file was created by Garmin Desktop App and contains two route/track combination - unfortunatly reads only the first one.
I’ve splitted the file in two separate files: 2024 ACL-Saisonstart Deel 1.gpx (635,6 KB) and 2024 ACL-Saisonstart Deel 2.gpx (536,4 KB)
Then you may extend Deel 1 by Deel 2 and will get:
Have fun with the saisonstart!


Many thanks !
I mostly wanted to clarify the reason of the issue, tanks for this !