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I started experimenting with Kurviger. The route generator is great, eventhough I drive 4 wheels.

When I export a auto generated round tour track from the Kurviger App (Android) I get a line from the most farest points on the track with it. This can be a straight line or even a triangle. What triggers these unwanted track lines?
These are in fact tracks without but waypounts it seems.

I exported to GPX and Garmin GPX to test for difference, none. Both do the same thing.

Any suggestions?

Greetings, Pim

For better understanding the GPX options you should know the difference of

  • track (in Kurviger red dotted line)
  • waypoint (in Kurviger blue bubbels)
  • route (in Kurviger blue line)

Some explanation can be found here
Only in Germen
Some hints also here in the forum

See also Export to Garmin

Hello Manfred,

Thanks for your answer.

I am pretty well into Tracking as I use Locus Pro for walking.
Maybe my question is a bit confusing because I used Track instead of Route.
Track is recorded
Route is a collection of Waypoints

The GPX export is a Kurviger created Route to drive.

See the image.
The blue straight lines are added every time. In this case a triangle to three “i” points. In other cases it can be one line. I seems to connect “i” (?) points.

I read everywhere that GPX exports work fine but not when I try it.
What am I doing wrong. Any idea?

Greetings, Pim

Questions for other applications must be done in their own forums.
Here support can exist only for Kurviger website and application.

Regarding the GPX files in Kurviger:

  • Waypoints appear as blue dots
  • Routes appear as (dashed) green lines
  • Tracks appear as (dashed) red lines

Please explain with samples what exactly export do (with which options) and what expect to see in result and when import again in Kurviger (either website or app).

Kurviger has the ability to export/import any combination of waypoint/route/track
Every app/device behaves a little bit different how it handles those items.

To find out how the other app/device is handling things, you may first try to export

  • only waypoints
  • only route
  • only tack

Hello Linux,

Only export “Route” now works.
The Dutch “Volgen” first item Waypoint (bad Dutch translation, Waypoint cannot be translated) gives the strange 3 point triangle.


Greetings, Pim

Oops. error.
Waypoints works! Not Route.

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