Gpx-data of all gasoline stations throughout Europe - GPX Daten aller Tankstellen in Europa

Does anyone know or own a gpx file with all gasoline stations in Europe as an overlay in Kurviger?
Similar to those offered here:

Hat jemand von euch ein Verzeichnis oder einen Link mit allen Tankstellen in ganz Europa als gpx-file, um es in Kurviger als Overlay zu verwenden? Ähnlich wie die files hier:

Gruß von Michael

We do offer a fuel station overlay in Kurviger. Is there an issue with this overlay?

Please note, I can’t recommend to add a dataset with that much entries to Kurviger. The overlay works fine with several hundred and even some thousands of points, but it will get slow when you add more points - always depending on the capabilities of your device, a flagship device might be able to handle a bit more. After a brief back of the envelop calculation, I guess that there are somewhere between 100.000 and 200.000 fuel stations in Europe.

If you really want to do this, you could export this data from OSM using overpass-turbo. Click on this link, zoom the map to the area you would like to download as GPX (please don’t try the whole of Europe, I don’t think it will work, you could do this partially and merge the exported files using a text-editor). Click on Run on the top-left and then on export. The export can be opened with Kurviger.

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Thank you for this great link!
How do I find the fuel station overlay of Kurviger, Robin?
Any tutorial or description available?

Please have also a look at related wiki topic.


THX, Robin.
Indeed, using overlays slows the app a little bit, however, dividing the created overlay files into smaller segments per country works very well.
Advantage using overlays is, that you get a lot more of information about your overlay POI as with the inbuilt POIs. No matter how, thanks for helping!
Yours Michael

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