GPS Recording: also record when navigation is not active


i’ve been using Kurviger with a lot of fun this weekend in Luxemburg. (if you’re interested in a short video, click here). I recorded the location using ‘GPS Recording’ feature, so i can review where i’ve actually been later.

I’m using Kurviger app (v2.2.18) for navigation. Sometimes, i want to look at the map and pause navigation to get the map view (using external key ‘N’).

I notice that the GPS recording stops when i pause the navigation.

I’d prefer it if the GPS recording would record when i’m moving. This is (for me) not the same as ‘when i’m navigating’.

See a pic below where you can see the gaps in the recording.

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If the “Settings | GPS recording | Navigation / Follow” option is enabled,
then the GPS recording works when navigation / follow mode are active.

(paused navigation is not active navigation)

Or you can enable / disable the GPS recording with its on-screen button.
(and it will work continuously)

I could change it to work in paused navigation too.

However, the community must agree.
What do other users think about this?

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I think that recording during ‘paused navigation’ as well should not be a problem. On the other hand, you want to prevent the situation where the app keeps recording while you don’t need/expect it. I can’t really comment on the side effects of course :wink:

When navigation is paused, you can still enable the follow mode.

Then if “Settings | GPS recording | Navigation / Follow” is enabled
the GPS recording works again.


I like the current behavior.
You can always start GPS recording manually if needed.

If you need more features, better use a specialized app for GPS logging.