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Google shows my review only to myself



Update 2018-09-21
I have written a review on google play (in german), but only myself can see it.
It looks like google is filtering my review. :frowning_face:


Full text of my review

Selbst in meiner Gegend habe ich mit Kurviger schon Routen gefunden, die ich bisher noch nicht kannte. Ich nutze die App seit Anfang 2017 und bin begeistert von der Liebe zum Detail. Die Bedienung ist kinderleicht wenn man einmal kurz die Anleitung gelesen hat. Wegpunkte kann man beliebig setzen oder verschieben. Wenn man an einem Wegpunkt vorbeifährt (auch z.B. 200m daneben) wird dieser automatisch übersprungen und die Route automatisch fortgesetzt. Im Forum hat man wirklich Kontakt zu den Entwicklern und viele Verbesserungsvorschläge von Benutzern wurden schon umgesetzt. Die Karten sind von OpenStreetMap. So kann jeder Kartenfehler melden oder bei Interesse sogar selbst beseitigen. Nachteile (Stand V1.2.1): Die Routen-Berechnung benötigt Internet. Die Navigation selbst funktioniert offline, d.h. man kann eine zuvor erstellte Route offline abfahren. Wenn man aber die Route verlässt und dann eine Neuberechnung möchte, braucht die App Internet. Namen für Wegpunkte kann man noch keine vergeben.

English translation with https://www.deepl.com/home

Even in my area I have found routes with Kurviger that I didn’t know before. I have been using the app since the beginning of 2017 and am excited by the attention to detail. The handling is very easy once you have read the instructions. Waypoints can be set or moved at will. If you pass a waypoint (e.g. 200m next to it) it will be skipped automatically and the route will be continued automatically. In the forum one has really contact to the developers and many improvement suggestions of users were already implemented. The maps are from OpenStreetMap. So everybody can report map bugs or even fix them himself. Disadvantages (status V1.2.1): The route calculation requires Internet. The navigation itself works offline, i.e. you can drive a previously created route offline. However, if you leave the route and then want to recalculate it, the app needs Internet. Names for waypoints cannot yet be assigned.


If mean the Google Play website, it shows the reviews per language! :confused:

To see the DE reviews, need to add at Kurviger url the &hl=de like:


I have written only the german version.
This is how it looks when I am logged in to google

And that how it looks with a different user not logged into google and not known by google.
My review is vanished :disappointed::thinking:


Perhaps they have some time for new reviews to become public.


In fact my first review is more than a year old.
I have just edited it today. i.e. replaced it with a new version.
Text is now complely different in the hope to be “more useful” :thinking:


Cannot find your new text in developer console either, perhaps they review some reviews and will appear later(?).


But the old one is there?
I have had that issue (my review never appeared in public) with my previous text as well.


Looks like I am not alone :frowning_face:
My review in PlayStore is not showing up
My review isn’t showing up in the Google Play Store
my review not showing in public

If this is true - hmm

Your review may or may not be displayed in the Google play
as only some reviews are show as 20% to 80% reviews 
and rating are deleted and it's fake that they show all views
whereas they don't have any precautions for storing all and they are 
directly operated by a system or a processor 
which select some reviews and display them others are deleted.


Can you try doing it from your device where app is installed, instead of the (desktop) browser?


If I go to setting -> about -> rate us I can see my new text.

What should I do?

  • delete the text and then paste it into the device again?
  • change it a little? - but what?

I believe google doesn’t like me for whatever reason.
I will now wait 1-2 days and then see again.
Sorry for steeling your time.



My conclution: Google is filtering my review.
I have renamed the toppic to reflect the fact.



That’s weird I cannot find your review either…