Follow mode and route indication

In free kurviger, if I have understood well, I have just the follow mode. But there’s no info about when or where I have to turn or how many km until next midpoint or the end of the trip. It is how it works or I didn’t set something?
How it is it’s absolutely useless for me, it’s a pity, I liked very much this app but I do just few km/year and I do not need all the advanced options but at least basic things like directions or how many kms I have to do to be home, just like any other gps app, yes :smiley:


the follow mode is not a navigation but it will only show you on the map your location always up to date.

If you want to have navigation then you need the Tourer+ subscription.

You can also book the subscription monthly.

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thank you very much!

In this mode is like being in a desert with a big arrow on a map telling “you’re here” :smiley:

Loved kurviger, I think it’s a great app and I’d have sticked to it for bigger tours but, honestly, basic navigation tools I think should be free.

Thanks again for your kind answer.

I understand that the work of its developers must be properly remunerated.
Do you agree?

Yes I wholeheartedly agree. That’s why I was saying that basic tools, like “turn left or right” for short distances, like almost any other app, should be free. The work that add something to a tool, like complex tour planning, finding best roads, on long distances and so on, it’s absolutely normal that it is properly remunerated. I do not find normal that if I want to buy bread in the village near the one i’m on vacation I have to pay for an app, when I can just ask to people in the street where I have to go or do it in, I don’t know, let’s say google maps freely.
But anyway, I did not wanted to argue, everyone make the choice of his business model, kurviger developers choose this way, it’s absolutely their totally legitimate prerogative.

My perspective is that if you have customers using your app for “basic” free things, you can have pub on it, so you are payed anyway, and charge them something more when customers want to use the app in a deeper and more complex way. In this way developers just lose basic,potential, customers and I do not think it’s a smart choice.
But it’s just my, maybe stupid, point of view about a business model, the point is not if work should be remunerated or not, that’s normal that the answer is yes, maybe we disagree on the “how”.

Anyway it’s a great app and I sincerely hope that kurviger will have all the commercial success that it deserves and I will not hesitate to reinstall it myself, when I’ll decide to make a longer roadtrip and I will find this app really useful.


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I am sure we meet again :smiley:

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Bonjour, quand je vois le prix d’un gps Garmin a 300€ ou plus ou un GPS gratuit (navigator ou autre) avec de la publicité je préfère de loin payer 20€/an pour les travailleurs de Internet et utiliser l’application kurviger depuis la préparation, le nuage et la navigation sur l’écran et les annonces vocales. Tout travail mérite salaire !


Sure we will! :smiling_face:
I am sincere when I say that I love this app, you did a great work and I really whish you all the best :raised_hands:

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