Ferries - routing problems

Yes, ferries should work but in case of Tallinn to Helsinki not but suggesting to go 1438km in 1d 5h. In return from Helsinki to Tallinn it works better with 89.96km in 3h 34min. Strange.

The issue is probably this barrier. It has no access value. Do you know this barrier? You could add an access value, as described here.

I don’t get the problem. If I start here: 59.443796,24.765351 and want to go there: 60.163584,24.95542, it always routes me around the Gulf of Finland.

If I’ll go from: 60.163584,24.95542 to 59.443796,24.765351 it works fine by ferry.

Try by yourself, no barriers anywhere.

Everyone please post kurviger links instead of coordinates or place names, so it’s far easier to test anything.

There is a liftgate, with missing access properties, on a oneway street at: 59.444731,24.780564. That’s why one direction works, and the other doesnt. I linked the barrier in my post above.

Miracles over miracles.

At that point: 59.443373,24.773526 it’ll brings me around Gulf of Finland
at that point: 59.443886,24.769986 it says to take the ferry.
But in the map the ferryterminal should be here: 59.443766,24.765329 and there we have the problem again.

So I understand that nobody could come to 59.443886,24.769986

According to OpenStreetMap the ferry terminal is here at the start point.
This is the view at google maps


Yes, that’s the expected behavior, because these coordinates are behind the barrier :slight_smile:.

From Kurvigers perspective you could take the ferry. See this route.

Guys while we’re talking about gates, what’s the proper value to add again, so that Kurviger understands?

I have this problem here and the gate in question is probably this one

Robin just confirmed in another Thread that the access “customer” is ok for Kurviger… So what’s wrong with that gate then? :frowning:

I just double checked. I think I was wrong. Mhm, maybe we should change this. Let me think about this.

I think there is an issue at the intersection between start and end here
Currently I don’t know what’s wrong.


Yeah I had my eye on that intersection at first myself, but I didn’t see any problem in the OSM data, to me it looks like the orange line in the center should be drivable all the way through to the “parking section” with all the parallel white lanes. I think Kurviger simply doesn’t drive through it because it does not see an option to turn around later, so it needs to avoid going into it in the first place

So yeah, I think it’s the gate

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The ferry should work properly now. Please let us know if there are any other issues.

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So you allowed “access:customer” in the kurviger algorithm I assume?

Yes :wink: There were also a couple of other changes :slight_smile:

We the people demand a changelog for the Kurviger algorithm :protest-sign:

It’s good that you remind me about this, I wanted to add this to our public changelog anyway - just added it :wink:

I just found out that when planning online, you have to activate the toll road and the ferry to actually drive the route.

What do I have to do if I want to use the ferry on my route but do not want to pay a toll road (motorway)?

I think the developers should disable the toll road for the ferry in the settings. What do you think?

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I used this ferry today by chance. Therefore I took it as example.
The planning works flawless with “avoid toll roads” - so where is the problem?

By the way, the KurvigerPRO app behaves the same way.


@koecky you’ll have to give us the exact ferry that is causing you troubles. Please ALWAYS post a kurviger link to a route when you’re reporting problems here, so that we can investigate