Feature request: waypoint preset naming on export

Hi, I use kurviger mainly for my pre-planning (since there is no app which fits directly on my i-phone to let kurviger navigate - I know scenic but I’m not satisfied with this 3rd party app)
At the end I export the route from the website as gpx or Garmin shaping point gpx
and import it into my Garmin basecamp software for further usage.

Since I have many routes in my Garmin software database as well as in the kurviger cloud, I’m always a fan of better structuring & naming options.

Kurviger is very simple and consequent and exports every waypoint as
<name>Waypoint 1</name>
Waypoint 2
Waypoint 3
…and so on (see example (=part of a common gpx file content))

> <wpt lat="70.037591" lon="22.163512"><name>Waypoint 3</name><desc>Waypoint 3</desc><sym>Waypoint</sym><type>shaping</type></wpt>
  > <wpt lat="69.843693" lon="22.022217"><name>Waypoint 4</name><desc>Waypoint 4</desc><sym>Waypoint</sym><type>shaping</type></wpt>
  > <wpt lat="69.843449" lon="22.020646"><name>Waypoint 5</name><desc>Waypoint 5</desc><sym>Waypoint</sym><type>shaping</type></wpt>
  > <wpt lat="69.908201" lon="21.339414"><name>Waypoint 6</name><desc>Waypoint 6</desc><sym>Waypoint</sym><type>shaping</type></wpt>

Since my Garmin software is in this case as well not very user friendly and even don’t allow any double naming for any point in the whole database, the software changes the waypoint naming in a name which does not exist so far. That’s another topic but finally not kurvigers issue but…

I would love to see the possibility, that I can tell Kurviger before export to use a certain naming scheme, that should be used for the waypoint export. Example:

instead of Waypoint xxx (which is then gonna be exported as waypoint 1, waypoint 2,…waypoint 45,…waypoint 130…)

I would tell Kurviger my own naming like:
or Spain Trip xxx 2022
(where xxx is the automatically ascending numbering by kurviger)
this would help a lot since so far I have to open every gpx file after export in a text editor and have to use search and replace function before I use the final gpx file in my other software.

Thanks in advance

The only waypoint names that should exist in the gpx files
should be the waypoint names that users set in route planning.

Automatic names and instructions on names cause confusion and problems.
When re-import such gpx files, the waypoints are named(!), but not by user.

I don’t change anything in the kurviger waypoint naming, i keep them as they are and kurviger set them automatically as coordinates (in the website) and gibe them the waypoint names for the export namings.


Setting (individual) waypoint names in kurviger is too much single click and safe orgy. So I keep them and as you can see in my previous file, they are automatically named by kurviger then as waypoint 1, waypoint 2 and so on, exported in the gpx file.

I don’t agree with, why I (or the system) should get confused when I give them my own naming instead of automatically waypoint 1, waypoint 2…it could even be named wp 1 or wp 2. nothing will happen, it’s just a name but for further usage absolutly useful for some users.
I (have to) do this all the time when I do a tour planning for a couple of weeks to keep the structure and the overview.

A re-import is only working, when you use the own kurviger format. If you export it into a gpx file and DID the waypoint naming within kurviger, export it as gpx file and import it again, kurviger skip, forget or even don’t care about individual waypoint naming and show only coordinates on each waypoint again - so all work is gone.

Finally I don’t mind what kurviger is doing with the names on re-import, that’s another topic, I just flagged the possibility giving my waypoints an own structure before I export it. This saves me time and annoying afterworks I have to do every time in a text editor because kurviger does not do that and once again, yes I can name waypoints in kurviger but clicking on each single waypoint, naming it saving it, each single name, it’s very time consuming and forgotten anyway by kurviger on a re-import as long as I don’t safe it in the kurviger format.

That would mean changing how the GPX export works right now, but that is certainly something that can be discussed?

That’s interesting. I know that there are some software systems with this limitation, but I wasn’t aware that this is also relevant when importing the GPX file to calculate a route. Is anyone else having these issues?

Would it work better if you use the route instead of waypoints?

To be honest, I am not really sure if this is a good idea. I’d say if there would be enough interest in something like that, we could discuss about an automated solution.

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This is not quite correct! If “Route” is specified as source for the route during import, the names are taken over correctly. If “Track” or “Automatic” is specified, Kurviger does not know of course from where it should take any names …

The corresponding file:
FichtenRanch.gpx (511,7 KB)

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Please open this example file:

It’ll look like this:
You can clearly see the Waypoint Name “Kassel” on WP1

Now export it with the settings and as the file type shown in the picture.

Once it’s saved, clear the website by deleting (via planning) the route + overlay.
Now, import the file again and…that’s the way it is. “Kassel” is gone.
Check out: The screenshot with the settings and the result.

Please consider: Different to the definition in the kurviger world, a waypoint element in GPX does not mean an element of a route, but an standalone element which describes a single point (comparable to a favorite.in Kurviger).

So a waypoint element in a GPX file should have a name.
I agree to @zaphod_42 : Writing the kurviger route as GPX waypoint elements is not useful, for import into Garmin devices it is much better to export it as route and track only.

@gs-dirgi : To use the kurviger route in Garmin environment, my converter might help:

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You have chosen “automatic” for route import
Use “Waypoints” or “Route” to preserve the Waypoint-Names

In case of “automatic” Kurviger uses the “track” if available and trackdata do not contain Waypoint-names

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As I said - importing with “Automatisch” takes the Track as Source and there are no “Names” in.


This is fine as long as the user explicitly sets the names.

That’s why the app has a clean offline GPX export.
To avoid the confusion in online GPX export with turn instructions in wpt / rtept names.

Example gpx export set Waypoints and the track.
Paderborn - Göttingen.gpx (45.6 KB)
Display of this gpx in Locus map app.