Feature Request: Voice annotations

There times when following a route I would like to make a note for the future. For example, Kurviger thought a road was paved, but it was gravel. Or a road has terrible pavement and I never want to ride it again. Or a road is awesome, freshly paved, etc.

Since I’m riding, I don’t have the luxury of stopping and typing a bunch of stuff into the app. But what if I could make voice annotations? I use a helmet communicator (Sena) paired to my phone running Kurviger.

Use case:

I’m riding along and want to record a comment. I press a button in Kurviger and say “This road is not paved” or “poorly paved” or “awesome” etc.

Kurviger stores my comment and the GPS coordinates where I made the annotation.

Then, when I use the Kurviger website, I can see a map overlay with all my annotations. The next time I create a route, I can see I made an annotation, and listen to it, and “aha, I won’t route through that road again!”

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That is quite the cool idea, but I worry it might be one of those
the app becomes too universal for everything, too many features things… Maybe you can actually already do that without Kurviger?

Could you try saying “Ok google make a note with my coordinates attached” or something?

Or maybe you could trigger OSMTracker with a voice command?

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That’s a brilliant idea. Would be nice to have.

As a software engineer I do understand “mission creep”, and appreciate alternate ways to accomplish the tasks with existing tools.

The problem with “Ok Google” on the motorcycle is that voice-to-text translation works poorly with wind-noise, even though humans can easily understand it.

Using a different app is problematic because it requires more user input to open the app and start recording. The less interaction required the better; and having a one-touch button on the Kurviger display seems to be the use user-interface option.

that is not strictly true, the app developers could integrate their voice commands into the “ok google” environment and then be triggered by your commands. I think for simple commands like “OSM record
position” the wind noises should always be quite manageable for such a mature product.

But yeah, the question remains whether we can find an app that has an implementation of such things…

That is a cool idea. What I currently do is to stop and create a bookmark at that location so I can log onto OSM later and fix the data :slight_smile: