Feature Request: Profiles

I think it would be great to have several profiles that I could create for different motorbikes.
With one I want to have unpaved roads with the other I don’t …

That way you can easily switch between the ‘right’ settings for the day, bike and route.

I mean profiles that I can easily select when I plan a route like
right now I want my Offroad Profile for routing
Then I want to get home quick so get the fastes route
Then I am on a street bike so small roads but no unpaved roads
All in the same App not different profiles to copy the app


As an alternative the features “export / import settings” (like in K2) might be helpful.
This would be also very helpful to provide own setup for questiins / problem reports.

Right now you can “fake” profiles by creating very short routes with the route settings you like you can store them as link or .kurviger file, when you open these routes, the settings will be applied as configured in the route.