Feature request: Keep sorting settings in cloud folder for next log-in

Hi, I’d love to see that the cloud folder will keep the sortings I set once as long as I change them by myself again.

So far on every log-in I have to set them again to (i.e) “sort by name”. It always starts with sort by date.
Thanks in advance for your attention to this request.

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Kurviger usually remembers this. This information is stored on your device as a Cookie / Local Storage. Many browsers nowadays tend to delete Cookies / Local Storage regularly.

You can even set up your browser not to store and Cookies / Local Storage. That way your browser behaves in the way you describe.

Please check your browser settings. Typically these settings are located in the Privacy / Security area.


u r right, this might be a solution.
I told my browser to delete everything once it’s closed.
So I have to set this as an exception however.
I though this might can be stored in the user profile settings as well
since I have to login anyway to have access to my kurviger profile.

In theory that would be possible, yes. We decided not to do this some time ago. Mostly because this changes frequently and is usually not that important that you want to actually sync this across all devices?

The base assumption is that you have cookies enabled though. If you don’t have cookies enabled, other things might break as well.


Hmm, my standard setting is sorting by name and not by date.
So in general I don’t change it that frequently but I have always
to change it from date to name (this is what I do have to do frequently
when you mean that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Sometimes ASC or DESC depending on the needed sorting direction - true.
My routing data have numbers or logical letters in the beginning because
of having the possibility to sort them in the right way. this can either be
number in a date format like

or even
01-Trip X
02-Tour X2
or even

the standard sorting by date is only working as long as you don’t do any
further changings later on once you’ve done that the file called “Trip 2”
is not anymore on it’s logical position as “Trip 2” after “Trip 1” and before
"Trip 3"but either on the beginning or on the end of the data
(depending on ASC/DESC) set since it’s sorted by date then and the
change was shortly before.
So as you can see everybody has a different setups and structures working with. :wink:

But at the end I have very less pages I give the total permissions to keep data stored after the sessions and keep it for “comfortability”.
There’s to much rubbish other there (I don’t mean kurviger)

so I should then change my browser settings for kurviger as longs as it’s not store in the users profile.

Some examples: Sorted by name (which I named in a logical way)
Starting with
2108-P R07…then …R08…,…R09…and so on…


Now, sorted by date (the same list) but done some minor changes to show the effect:
→ completely mixed up.
It starts somewhere (due to ASC with the oldest file I haven’t touched)
this is…H05…followed by …H07…
( H06…is missing (but shown on another place) due to another date of change
…and so on…

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Ok, let’s see if we can improve how we store the sorting settings in the future :slight_smile:.


Changing the software just because one user doesn’t accept cookies is absurd in my opinion. Sorry for that!

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As well, sorry for that, this is still a proposal and not an order.