Feature request: Create favorites while navigating

It would be very good if there was a way to quickly add a favorite point while on the road. Preferably without stopping. A button in the same navigation menu as the end, skip, overview and mute would be ideal.

So why do I think this is a good thing to have?

  • First, if I find a good road that I want to visit again, it would be as simple as creating a favorite. Then I can edit the favorite when I get back home to add a nice description etc.
  • Second, as a OpenStreetMap contributor, when I encounter something that is incorrect in the map. It would be an easy way to mark this position so I can correct the map when I get home. When I do a 200km trip, it’s not always easy to remember where exactly an unmarked gravel road started for example.

My suggestion is that when the “create favorite” button is pressed a favorite is created and the name is just the date + time (or the coordinates of the location) and a small indication that it happened. Then the navigation resumes as normal.


Excellente idée, je le fais déjà sur Garmin, bien pratique pour modifier osm.


I agree, sounds very useful.

The rest of my answer is quite offtopic as it is a separate app, I hope it fine for the readers. I want to share this, as in this app such “Annotations” are possible and it might be useful for other stuff, but surely no replacement for logging gpx in the kurviger app or even to create favorites in kurviger. Other usecase.

App is called gpslogger and as far as I see only available in the F-Droid store. I found this when there were discussions in the forum about logging gpx data, what I never used before (to understand the discussions). From my point it works like a charm, I can even upload the gpx to my Nextcloud server.

These Annotation buttons can be configured.

When a button is pressed the value of the button is written to the gpx file.


Ich habe diese Funktion auch schon mal gewünscht, es war jedoch zu selten, dass es einen extra Button in kurviger wert wäre, meiner Meinung nach.
Alternativ könnte man auch schnell ein Foto machen, egal was drauf ist, denn dieses Bild enthält ja die Positionsinfos, die man dann ja zu Hause auswerten kann.

I also use such a feature on my Garmin device, very helpful to remember points: Just use it during riding, name is auto-generated (000, 001, …), modify / check later.
If you would like that feature, please vote for it!
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