Feature request: Be able to use any bluetooth button / keyboard

@devemux86 Thanks! But for me it’s not necessary anymore - i can just assign another keystroke to a button :slight_smile:

What would be nice is if I could change between navigation view and map view by sending a keystroke. The use case is that when you’re driving and want to look ahead you’d like to have the map view. So maybe the M key could be used for this?

You can scroll / zoom the map (with keys) to look ahead in navigation.
The map will auto center again after the delay been defined in settings.

Or do you mean something else?

I know, but the issue i have is that the center for zoom in/out is at the bottom so it’s hard to look back. I would think something like hits:

=> If the current state is ‘navigating’ and I press ‘M’

  • View of the application changes as if i press the back button
  • the map is centered on my current location (and in the middle of the screen)

=> If the current state is ‘map view’ and i press ‘M’

  • View of the application changes as if press the ‘continue navigation’ button
  • The map is centered around current location and ‘my position’ is changed to the bottom of the screen.
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In navigation, user location is at bottom when option “Movement direction” is selected.
There are other options, like “No rotation” (user location at center) or “Route overview”.


What you describe is more like pause / resume navigation (like tap its button).

I could think of extra key mappings, but the functions should already exist in the app.

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If anyone from germany is interested, feel free to PM me. I do have a 3D printer and would see if I can print the parts for you.