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Feature request: Be able to use any bluetooth button / keyboard


i’m a happy user of Kurviger Pro. It’s my #1 motorcycle navigation on paved roads.

Since controlling a phone with gloves is hard to do, i bought a Magicsee R1 bluetooth remote control. This is a device with a dpad and 6 other buttons. What i’d like to do is use this bluetooth remote control to zoom in/out, pan and center in Kurviger.

The zoom in/out is possible by using the volume buttons on the remote. That works wonders and makes it a joy to use.

The other buttons don’t work as well since they don’t map to the fixed mappings in Kurviger. For example: for centering the map, kurviger expects a ‘c’ keycode, but that’s not on the remote. The remote has several modes and can for example provide keycode 96 for a button i’d like to use for centering the map.

In locus, they have a feature under ‘expert settings’ that allows you to set the keycodes for a few functions. A nice video and details are here: R1 Remote for cycle

I’ve also experimented with tools like automate and buttonmapper pro to remap keycodes, but that doesn’t work well if your device is not rooted. A last resort would be to remap the keymaps on your device, as outlined here: Using OsmAnd with a Remote Controller [rigacci.org]

What i’d like is the possibility to configure keycodes for a few functions in Kurviger: center map, zoom in, zoom out, pan l/r/u/d. This way, i can use either a Magicsee R1 or mocute bluetooth controller to use Kurviger safely while driving.

What are your thoughts?

Here is a screenshot of the settings in Locus of the setting for 3 different keys for ‘zoom in’ (81, 24, s70)


Thanks for the interesting suggestion.

Latest version offers additional functions for external input devices.

Besides the previous zoom of map (with or without volume keys),
arrows scroll map, +/- zoom map, “c” center map for compatible devices.

Android’s available key codes are described in its documentation.

A custom mapping is something that I can consider for the future.


Yes, the support for external devices is really nice.

But it would set Kurviger apart if support would be beyond the Carpe Iter and WunderlinQ devices. Given the existing support for keyboards, maybe extending the support for additional keycodes is straightforward? As a start/beta feature it could be just in a cfg file.

fyi, the devices that could be used:

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The R1 can be mounted on the handlebars using this: R1 Remote controller handlebar mount by Dreide1 - Thingiverse

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Sounds very good

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Hi, i’ve made a little project where i use buttons on the handlebar that map to keystrokes via a bluetooth keyboard using an Arduino. This way i can choose the keys myself and follow the different applications and keybindings.

You can see it in action here: https://youtu.be/C08YxzOzUv8


Holy smokes dude that’s amazing!

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